Monday, December 20, 2010

Phatty is BACK!

Miss me??

Well I am back and in training mode again!

Jon and I both signed up for the Country Music 1/2 Marathon on April 30th so it's time to get our butts out there and in gear! It's going to be great because Karissa and Jeremy are also flying in from Az to run it with us!

I haven't ran in oh..... 5-6weeks since I did the 10k the week after my last 1/2 marathon. Not a good idea! It's been so stinkin cold but today it was in the 40's so I was ready to rock. Plus I've eaten SO MUCH chocolate lately that I need to jog just to keep the extra weight on!

Today I went out and did 4 miles. Slowly but I did. I ran up a hill I've never been able to tackle before and feel quite accomplished about that! I'm not ready to pick up where I left off.. going 7miles a few times a week but hopefully in a few weeks, I'll be back there again and then some! Fingers crossed!

My weekend training partner is growing a baby at the moment so it's hard for her right now to train but once that dreaded yuck feeling goes away, she'll be back in the game with me!

So I'm once again tracking my progress. I SOOOO hope I make progress anyways! I'm ending this yr off much better shape then I started it that's for sure! 20lbs less (would be more but gained a bunch during the summer), completed 2 half marathons and with more motivation and drive then ever before. Not a bad yr I would say! So 2011 just HAS to be even better!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

And Phatty done ran!!!

"I've learned that finishing a marathon isn't just an athletic achievement. It's a state of mind; a state of mind that says anything is possible."

I will echo this saying about a 1/2 marathon.
Indeed my friends.. anything is possible!

I'm going to let go of that nagging voice in my head today that says I could have done better. I could have ran more. I could have finished faster. It's time to quiet that voice.

Instead I will now tell myself.... I did my best! I ran as much as I could run! I finished faster than I have ever done before! And why?!?! Because before, I would have NEVER had done this! I achieved a goal. And I crossed that finish line leaving behind the old me that had never attemped a 1/2 marathon before.

The morning started at 4am to Rielly throwing up all over her and our bathrooms. Good Morning!!! My dear dear Jon took care of that while I went and got myself ready for one of the biggest mornings of my life. She was okay thank goodness!

I got to Kristys at around 5:15 and we left for downtown around 5:30.
So much excitement in the air for sure!!!!!

People everywhere abt to do what I was abt to do. Many have done this a million times and many doing it for their first time. We were all there to accomplish the same task!

(sooo clueless!!!)

Jodie Messina kicked off the party with singing the National Athem (LOVE HER) and away we go!!! We started off with a good jog along with the 5000+ other ladies. I was excited and nervous and just ready to get it done!

Kristy and I both had written on our arms 13 things we wanted to talk about each mile and it was the best way to keep our minds positive and moving! Thats what I needed.... to just keep my mind going.

What really helped me get through this was the support of my family and Kristys family. At around mile 3, I saw my family and Rob Barkley on the side of the park cheering for me with signs and smiles. What a beautiful sight to see!!

Only 10more miles to go!

They were also there around mile 6, 9 and 11! Even Kristys folks Glenn and Terry were there at mile 11!!

How amazingly blessed am I to have them there pretty much the whole way to cheer me on???!!!

Mile 6

Mile 9

(around mile 11)

I started hurting around mile 7-8. My feet felt like I was walking on burning hot Az pavement. I actually tried to walk without shoes on... but yeah that didn't help.

That's when I think I started slowing down and wondering if I could finish this. I really should have taped my feet. But having already done a 13miler before, I knew I could do this.
There was plenty of water and gaterade to be had and so much motivation and cheering from the sidelines.
I had to keep going!
The last mile I had to let my mind and will take control because my body was screaming at me to stop! My feet were on fire! It was hard watching people pass me up and all the while I worried that Kristy was going nuts having to go so slow.
Irrational thinking does tend to set in.
Kristy wouldn't have been there if she didn't want to do this with me!
So I just had to visualize the end.
This was also the point where I swore anyone who does this for "fun" is CRAZY!!! And I kept thinking.. why in the world would I even want to do this again?!?! I won't lie to you- it was hard! And it hurt!!!!
But it was all worth it for what happens next.
That last .1mile was so overwhelming! I had my family right and Kristys family (which have become my family) before the finish line and Susie Hawkins and her kids right after. I had the goal in sight. I was doing it!!!! I remember my chest tightening up and I had to control myself to not just bust out in tears!!!!

And when we ran through the finish line, the MC said "Here comes Kristy and Shannon in their sparkly skirts"!!

Then Kristy hugged me and I realized I have just ran my first 1/2 marathon!!!! Who cares if I had to walk a lot. Who cares that it took 3.5hrs to finish. At that moment, I was a winner!!!!!

I bought this shirt the day before and it is exactly why I started this whole journey!!!

I love this face!

And once again, I wanted to thank my best friend Kristy Barkley! She stayed with me every step of the way through this whole process. And if she didn't give me this challenge, we would have never become the friends we are today. Spending so much time together, we have become rather close. She has taught me and inspired more than she could ever know. I love her family too (even you Brobar!). I am truely blessed!

And I have to thank my husband Jon- he has believed in me more than I believe in myself. Just to know that he is proud of me makes all the pain and tears and frustration in life worth it! I love you baby!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ready or not, here we come!!

Tomorrows the BIG day! The day I've been waiting and dreading and preparing for since April!
It's funny looking back on the last 6-7months. How much has changed.... weight wise not too much. About 18lbs total (13 in the last 6weeks). But the big change has been my whole attitude towards making a goal and doing whatever it takes to accomplish it. I have been known to not finish what I start. In fact, I don't finish more often then I do- if that makes sense. And I remember when I signed up for it back in May, Jon said something to the effect of.. "now you have to do it". He knows me all too well.
So tomorrow, I am finishing what I started!!! And I'm a better person because of it! My initial plan was to struggle through it which bitching and moaning and when it's over, get my medal and be done. Obviously, that's not how it's gonna happen. I'm doing a 5k race for the cure in 2 weeks, the az half in Nov and a week later, the Nashville half. How's that for finishing what I started?? But I still am bitching and moaning.

So today Kristy and I went to the expo to pick up our packets and check out the cool race vendors. SOOOOO exciting!!!! Got my number....

It's official!!!!!
At the expo, we came across these awesome running skirts. Catch phrase.. "why run when you can sparkle". And sparkle we WILL!

Imagine this style black covered in sequins. Yes I will sparkle!! Pair this up with a purple wrist band and 2 sparkly old school scrunchies and we got a party!!
Also Team PHatty has team colors... so Kristy and I are rocking some awesome fingernails just for the occasion. They will be perfect when my ogre hands come back!

Finding tops were a little difficult to find. Kristy considered running in this awesome getup-

As amazing as she looks, because it is a LEOTARD, it may be difficult to pee fast so sadly it was veto'd. Maybe next time we can attach some crotch buttons or something. And if you can't tell, that it the running skirt and a gold scrunchie in her hair.
(I figured it was better to ask forgiveness then permission so... forgive me KB for posting? Couldn't resist! Love ya!)
But tops were found and we are ready to go!!!!!! I even bought my most expensive paid of socks ever! I hope they moisturize while I run!

5:15am I'll be picking up my training partner and race starts at 7! Wish us luck!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To my Phatty Followers....

3 more days. 3 more flipping scary as hell days! And then IT'S ON!!!

So let me catch ya'll up a bit.

2 weeks ago, Kristy and I went on a practise 1/2... 13miles. Starting at 5am. And believe you me, it sucked! But then again I was tired, she was sore... but we managed to push through it. So I know I can go 13 miles on Saturday. I may be crawling and swearing and possibly may have peed my pants a few times but I will make it!

Last Saturday I did my first race ever. I ran in the South Nash Dash. I got there around 6am to help get everything set up and then I worked getting volunteers in place and people registered until 8am when I went ahead and ran the 3miles. Okay people- you know when I say ran, I really am just saying it to impress you all. I didn't run 3 full miles. I jogged the first 1.5miles and then walked a ways until that bend right before the finish line. Then I started running so people thought I did it the whole time. The only problem with my way of thinking there was that when you come in close to the end of the race, it's pretty obvious I wasn't rocking it all 3 miles. But whatever- I burnt 500 calories and they didn't SO THERE!

The South Nash Dash turned out awesome! Kristy did such an amazing job and I was so glad to be there to watch all the action- from getting the first sponsor to watching the last of the garbage being hauled to the edge of the street. And there definately was perks for me! I won a month long boot camp to Niki G's Fitness, Jon won a yr Costco membership and then today I found out I won a Menchies $25 giftcard! HEAVEN FOOD FOR PHATTY!!!

So anyways after that, all I've done this week is a Zumba class. I don't want to exhaust myself before Saturday. You know.. RUNNING 13 miles and all;) I am just so blessed to have Kristy put up with me and go at my pace (you know- me so speedy and all).
So Friday we'll go to the expo and get our numbers and stuff. I want to find some crazy expensive socks that will float me to the finish line. Or at least keep my toes from falling off. Either/Or would be fine with me.
I can't wait though. In all honesty, as freaked out as I am right now..and I am pretty freaked out, I just can't wait to cross that finish line and say I did it with a medal to show. And to see my family and friends there cheering me on! I expect big ol signs and a gallon of diet coke waiting for me. The joke is (and I say a joke but knowing these guys, it may just happen) that Rob and Jon will have big signs saying "Run Phatty Run" and be screaming it throughout the race. How well do you think that will go over... 5000+ women and 2 mens calling them Fattys? I hope someone records the stampede!
Wish me luck! Keep my feet and Kristys sanity in your prayers while I work to complete my first 1/2 marathon. Definately won't be the last!
And if anyone asks, I smelled like roses when I was done!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just over 2 weeks now!!!

I can't believe the WHM is in just over 2weeks!!! This time has gone by so fast and I really believe I have come so far since I first started this journey.

I've pushed myself in ways I have never even desired to! I'm stronger and I think in some ways more confident. A little lighter maybe but I can crush you with my calves believe you me!!!
Yesterday was a good run. I started a little before 8 and after like 4-5miles, I was still feeling good so I kept on going. Not sure how far exactly I went but it had to have been around 8.5-9. Longest one I've done by myself ever! The feeling good feeling wore off when my arms started getting heat rash around mile 7. The shirt I was wearing is fine for short few milers but not for longer runs. It was rather painful but I learned my lesson this time around for sure!
I'll be running in the South Nash Dash 5k next Saturday. I've been helping out my friend Kristy with it doing the social media side (facebook and twitter) and I am amazed at the amount of work that goes into these things!!! Kristy also got me hooked up with doing social media for I Run For The Party- they put on several runs throughout the year. So it's weird how I've become connected to a sport that I absolutely detested even just a yr ago!

I'm gonna keep on keeping on and hope to stay on top of blogging but I actually feel busy these days between runs, doing South Nash stuff, piano, making a scrapbook for a lady and then the kids. It's a good feeling though!!

And now, I leave you with a picture of my toe while it was finally healing after many ugly blisters in the same spot.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Great article.. there's hope for us fatties!!!

This article may be geared towards more body muscleeee folks but I'll pretend it applies to me too:)

The Clydesdale corps: rules for big runners

Rule #1: Modify your training program
Just like your lighter counterparts, you'll benefit from long runs, hill repeats, speedwork, strength work all of it. The same training principles apply. The big difference is, you need to be more cautious about increasing your training intensity.

Rule #2: Pump iron gently
Many big runners tend to put on upper-body muscle mass easily and end up lugging a lot of unwanted bulk around. According to fitness specialist Bob Talamini, "On a perceived exertion scale of one to 10, you should be working at about a 6 or 7 no more. We're definitely not talking about one- or two-hour sessions in the weight room."

Rule #3: Eat big
When it comes to fuel, says sports nutritionist Alice Lindeman, R.D., Ph.D., it's a matter of proportion. "The general rule is to take in 20 to 23 calories per pound each day if you're a high-mileage runner, or 17 to 19 calories per pound if you're a low-mileage runner."

Rule #4: Drink bigger
"A fitter person generally sweats more than an unfit person," says Lindeman. "And a bigger person usually sweats more than a smaller person." Therefore, says Lindeman, big runners may need more than the standard recommendation of 5 to 12 ounces of fluid during every 15 to 20 minutes of running.

Rule #5: Choose your shoes carefully
"Clydesdales need a firmer, denser midsole," says George LeCours, shoe expert and resident Clydesdale at Saucony. "When you're shopping for a shoe, look for a heavier midsole made of durable polyurethane or very dense compression EVA material. Shoes with polyurethane midsoles tend to be heavier than those made with EVA, but polyurethane will withstand the beating from a heavier runner better than EVA."

Rule #6: Change shoes often
The midsole is the first part of the shoe to break down. A simple wear-test: Try to compress the midsole with your finger. If it feels brittle, it has likely lost its cushioning capability. Another rule of thumb for Clydesdale runners: Shoe experts normally recommend that you buy new shoes when you've logged 300 to 400 miles.

Rule #7: Keep things well-oiled
To protect yourself, smear Vaseline or some other sports lubricant on all potential chafing spots before you run.

Rule #8: Wear comfortable clothes
Clothing manufacturers now seem to be realizing that there are big runners out there, and are starting to include XL and XXL sizes in their lineups.

I'm still running!!!

I am SO behind on my updates but rest assure, I am still at it! 3.5 more weeks until my 1/2 marathon! Time sure has flooooown by! I can't believe it.
But I have been working hard.
Last Saturday, Kristy Barkley and I pulled ourselves out of bed and did 12miles at 5am! And surprisingly, I felt good after! So much better then the week before doing 11.
So my total milage last week was 30miles!!! Crazy huh?
I'm still estimating a 15min mile but that's a heck of a lot better then what I did several months ago!

This morning I went out and did 6miles just for my morning workout. Tomorrow it may end up just being 3.5 but we'll see what I'm up for. I have an ugly blister that ripped open and hurts like crazy.. so I end up having to tape my feet up to keep them from rubbing. But I got some great new running shoes from New Balance (extra wide.. damn bunions) and that has made a huge difference! Sometime this week, I need to get some Swiftwick socks and I'll be marathon ready!!!

MUAH to my reader(s?)!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday morning bright and early

Okay I must admit... last week stunk on the workout front.
But the week as a whole was wonderful w/celebrating my 9th wedding anniversary with the love of my life and spending an awesome weekend with him and then with friends!!!

So I ran 2x's last week and that was it and boy did I feel it this morning!!!!

So up and at em dark and early at 4:45. I so tried to talk myself out of it but I knew I'd feel guilty if I did so I pushed myself. I got some new running shoes last week so I need to put them to good use!
Today was my best run yet! It was the same 5miles.. I haven't added to it yet. I started and just kept going... and going. I past my usual stopping point where I start walking and just pushed on. I know I ran over 1.5miles before I hit a hill. And my friends- hills SUCK!!!!!!
But everytime I got to the top of a hill, I started going again. The only times I even walked today was going up. Big accomplishment for Fatty today!!!!!!

Got home at 6:15 and went and snuggled with my husband (Happy Birthday Jon) until almost 9!!!! It was a perfect morning and I just have to say... LIFE IS GOOD!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Double Digits!

Officially today I made it into the double digits!

I even woke up at 4:45 for the occasion!!!

And these runs (okay okay WALKS) don't come without sacrafice! Check out Kristys owie!!!

And the rashes.. OH THE RASHES!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stupid Rain!

Woke up at 4:45am to get ready for our big run only to find the sky lighting up with some massive lightening!!!
So needless to say, our 10miler didn't happen!

Plan is to start at 5:15am tomorrow to get done and home in time to get ready for church by 9. Fingers crossed!!!!!

As for the rest of my week.... I went out Thursday and did 5 miles jogging/walking keeping my 15minute mile average.

Took a break on Friday.
And I guess another one today (Saturday)- we've been babysitting this week so going to the Y to workout has been tricky since we can't put him in the child care there.

But still if we make it out tomorrow, thats 5 days this week with good workouts and giving myself 2 days off really isn't a bad thing right? I used to only workout twice a week so this is progress! Now why the hell haven't I lose 50lbs then darn it!?!?!?!?

Til tomorrow! While all you are sleeping peacefully, I will be working my butt off to achieve something I never thought I could! And heck- that'll just be 3miles short of the marathon length!
I got this!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I enjoyed it? Say WHAAAA?!?!?

Beautiful morning.


What in the world is wrong with me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I altered the course a little to add the extra .3miles so I can just get an even 5miles everytime I go out.
I'm anal like that.

Water Aerobics tomorrow. I'm 30 going on 63 BABY!!!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Booooy it's hot!!!!

So we didn't make our 10miles last week. Planned on it but Saturday ended up being tooo dangerously hot so we met up with Kristy and her family and the Williams crew from our ward and spent the day on the lake. Much better way to spend the day!!!!

But I'm still working my bootay off!
Got a regular routine and it's keeping me going.

Yesterday I decided to try my walk a little earlier-- so I got up at 5am instead and did my 3.5miles. It was so humid I was sweating from very pore! And ummmm...a rash under my belly button? It gets more and more exciting! I need to start uping my morning runs to 4miles by later this week so I need to plot a new course in the neighborhood.

Today I just couldn't talk myself into doing a morning jog because it wasn't on the plan and I'd rather sleep so I did an afternoon Zumba class instead. That worked for my cross training stuff.

And I've lost 3lbs this past week. Yehaw!

I had a downer week with this last week. People don't realize how hard it is to get in shape and loose weight and end up saying things without thinking. A mishap at a sports store left me in less than a motivating and good mood and I left empty handed....and a bad taste in my mouth. It's sad how thoughtless people can be. Don't you know that if fat people want to get skinny, they too need to exercize and have the proper workout gear?!?!?! Not all runners are size 6 you know!!!
But I let myself have a pity party for a day then got back up and moved on. What else can I do? Let stupid people ruin my plans? I let that happen too much in my life, I can't do it this time.

So have a good week all!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

This weeks schedule

Still working. And hey I lost 2 lbs! Go figure!

So what I've done so far...
Monday 3.5miles walking/jogging
Tuesday 45-60minutes of weight circuit training
Wednesday 3.5 miles walking/jogging
Thursday 45-60minutes of weights
Friday (which is today)- sitting on my big arse doing absolutely nothing cuz it's too stinking hot!!!
Sat Kristy and I were gonna do 10miles but it's SOOOO hot and it could be rather dangerous. so probably a Y day.

Now... here's the question. To do the Murfreesboro Marathon in October.... I'll be trained for it which is great. Costs money which isn't great but it's doable. My biggest worry is that I would have to maintain 15min miles for the whole 13.1 miles. I'm barely making that now! So we shall see. Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

All set...

I just registered for:


Yesterday I did double the work and can I tell you... I feel it!!!!!!
Today I did my cross training with weights but didn't stretch too well and tried to jog. I made it .5miles and my calves were killing! So I walked the other .5 and I think from now on, stretching after weights is mandatory!

Tomorrow is my day of rest. We'll see if I actually can do it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Full Swing Training Mode....

I'm on a roll my friends!
Sept is coming up fast and I'm on a mission to complete a marathon.
No.. make that 2 marathons!!!!!

That's right- I decided to go to Az in Nov and do the 1/2 there with my sister and possibly a few sister in laws. All this training- I might as well take full advantage of right?

I'm still getting up with God in the morning. Not easy for this sleeping in lover but I've been doing it.
AND hold on to your hats but I've been jogging!!! Thats right! I decided to try it again. With a better attitude of course. And jogging outside makes a HUGE difference than on a treadmill.

So far this week I took a break on Sunday since I was still trying to recover from my 7miler with Kristy. Monday bright and early 3.5miles and I jogged a bit with that one. Off and on so I can't say how much but I did it... me and Sookie Stackhouse (my books).

Tuesday I did some Golds Gym boxing in the morning. That was all I was going to do but my friend Leann called (who just signed up for the marathon) and asked if I wanted to meet her at the Y and learn how to work the machines so we can get started on our cross training. So I got there and warmed up which actually ended up with me jogging a mile straight in 14.3 minutes. I haven't jogged a mile straight since before our summer vacation so that felt good. Then we spent over and hr or so learn and doing some weights. Needless to say, this morning I was sore!!!

But I still got out of bed at 5:50am and did my 3.5miles. I jogged more than I did last time which is good. I also told Leann I'd meet her at the Y today so she can do her 3miles. Can't hurt burning the extra calories.

Tomorrow is cross training for 40minutes.
Friday I rest (which means SLEEP IN!)
Saturday my early long jog/walk with Kristy... 8miles this week I think!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Encouragement for today

So I found this blog (and stole the picture too)..

I was googling "walking marathons" and one thing I read today I'm gonna post here so I can come back and give myself a pep talk when I really need it.


Start SLOW.

Wanting to run a marathon is an attainable goal, but remember, even the best marathon runners had to start somewhere.

Just like with weight loss, if you set out thinking “I want to lose 50 lbs” you are going to get frustrated when it doesn’t happen overnight.

Instead, you tell yourself “I’d like to lose a pound or two this week” and work towards that small goal.

The same goes with running.

Be proud of the little accomplishments, like if you can push yourself to run 30 seconds further each day.

Because before you know it, those seconds add up to minutes, those minutes add up to miles.

Also, there is no shame in walking. Did you hear me? DO NOT BE ASHAMED TO WALK! You are still a runner if you walk.

Many world class running coaches, such as Jeff Galloway, even recommend walking! So if you have to walk, then walk.

One of my favorite quotes ever is from Dean Karnazes, a world famous ultra runner. “Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.”

Walking, heck crawling, is still better than sitting on the couch feeling sorry for yourself or wondering what if? Am I right? Getting out there is the most important part.

I remember the first day I went running after I gave birth to my oldest. I struggled/ran/jogged/but mostly walked through a 20 minute mile. And then I puked as soon as I reached my driveway.

It was miserable. I assure you, it’s not getting out there the first day that is the hardest part. It’s going back the next day and the day after that. But the day after my puking incident, I forced myself out the door.

It was just as miserable. But I kept doing it.

If you stick with, through all those mornings you don’t want to get out of bed…if you push through it, I promise that you too will start to crave those runs, you will LOVE those miles!


Just remember, starting is the hardest part.

The pain you feel may feel now is temporary, but the pride you will feel as you cross that finish line, whether it be of your first mile, a 5k, or even a marathon, that feeling will last with you forever!

Take it slow, BELIEVE in yourself, and you will accomplish anything you set your mind to!

I'm still doing it!!!

Sorry guys.. I haven't stayed up to speed on this in awhile but rest assure... I am still in training.
Not the training I origionally planned on mind you. Like I said before, I had to modify a few things to fit myself for now. Like walking instead of running. But I keep pushing on. And I've gone farther than I ever have before. Last long walk was
6miles! This week is 7! Yikes!!!

My goal for this week is early walks. This morning, I got myself up at 6am and went 3 miles on my own. Not as fun as having a friend to chat with but I listened to my Sookie Stackhouse book on my ipod "Dead Until Dark" and that kept me company! And tonight I walked a mile at the gym and then swam a bit.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna try the 6am'er again. Because already having it done before the kids get up feels so gosh darn good!!!

Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back on the chain gang.. or something like that

Little behind but I'm back at the gym.
So lets see...

Monday is started with walking and did 2.5miles in 40minutes.

I've take a little jogging break and started focusing on speed walking.
My reasoning? I really really really don't like to run!!!! And the dissapointment I felt when I couldn't do it was hard on me emotionally. I felt I was letting myself down, Jon does, Kristy down, etc.
It got to the point that I truely dreaded it and I don't want to feel like that! So for now, I'll get walking as fast as I can. My hope is to get tired of it and start jogging. We'll see.

Tuesday I did a Zumba class (not as sexy as I remember from the gym in Woodstock), then I did a short abs class (ouch!!!) and then walked a mile.

Today (Wednesday) I did 3 miles. Took 48minutes though. Loosing my touch! I really want to get back to comfortably doing a mile in 15minutes but I'll keep trying.

My goal? I'm gonna try to add to my milage each week. I plan to walk 4miles on Friday. Next week, I'll try to end on 6... And I'll just add until I can take 3-4hrs out of my day and walk the 13.1miles just to see how long it takes me. Then slowly try to beat it.
But no way would I try that now..gotta build. It's just a goal but I'll be working on it!!

Oh and tomorrow I go to my first weight watchers mtg.
The marathon is 3 months away... I want to take off 20lbs by then. The less I have to lug, the faster I can go:)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm back!!!!

Okay I'm back
And the game is on!!

I'm slowly posting about why I've been slacking on my regular blog

Back in the gym tomorrow.

For sure!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Week 6....

Weigh in today was extremely discouraging and I'm just gonna hope I have a poopy scale.
Maybe I just need to stop weighing in. How did I gain a pound?

So I googled it this morning and here's what I found.

Question: Why Am I Gaining Weight During Marathon Training?
I thought I would lose weight when training for a marathon, but I actually have gained weight! Why is that?

Answer: You're not alone. Some marathoners-in-training hope to lose weight during their training, but they're surprised when they actually gain a few pounds or hit a weight loss plateau. One explanation is that as you're training, you're building more muscle mass, which is denser than fat. So while that may translate to an overall weight gain, your body fat percentage has decreased and you're more toned than you were before.

and then it went on about long distance running which I obviously don't do... but ended with some good points

If you've been eating a nutritious diet and you still find that you're gaining weight, try not to focus too much on that number on the scale. It could be inaccurate since our weight does fluctuate depending on what time of the day or month we weigh ourselves. Pay attention to other measurements such how your clothes are fitting, how toned you feel, body fat percentage, or inches lost. And if you really want to lose weight, remember that healthy weight loss takes time. Even with all the running that you're doing, you should not aim to lose more than a pound a week. So, try to be patient.


Oh and I did attempt my 20minutes yesterday. I got to 16.45 :( But it's longer than I've done before. I speed walked the rest and I did get to 3 miles.
I'm going to start iron pills like I should have been all along. I googled that as well and my symptoms are that exactly of another person who was informed of their low iron too so hopefully it gets better and I can see my performance getting better.. not worse like it has been.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

End of week 5

So we are finishing off week 5 of my crazy marathon training.
I haven't been able to post for a few days because my computer went ka-put but my wonderful hubby resurrected it and we're back in business!!!

So Friday I did my last job (must remind you all.. I don't run! I jog.. very slowly). It was quite the down day I have to admit. I didn't want to go but I forced myself. Unfortunately I did have to slow down several times and swear many many times but I got my time in. I didn't jog the full 15minutes either time. I had some weird thing going on where different spots on my body started getting real tingly.. like a ton of different needles poking at me. I had to push through it because it'd be too easy to stop. But towards the end, my foot started falling asleep.

So Kristy said it could be my shoes..
and Jon googled it and said it's probably my iron..

Either way, mama didn't like it so much!

And I didn't like the dissapointment I felt in myself. I need to find something to help with the endurance to keep going. I lack the drive to push myself so anytime I start feeling winded or blah, it's so easy for me to just quit. Cuz you all know... I got a lot to be moving when I jog! So it's quite the task for sure! But if I don't succeed, I won't be just letting myself down. And thats the hardest thing for me...

So we will continue. Maybe now as hard as I would like but I'll listen to my body and do as much as I can.

On to week 6!!! And the ending to week 6 is going to be the best part.. we leave for Florida!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Week 5 Day 3

Not much to say about yesterday but..

I pulled it off.

Did my 15/5. And whats scarier than that?? Next week, it's 20!!!!

Every since I joined the Y, I've heard several people talk about staying away from gyms or health clubs because how intimidating they can be.

I felt that once too.. but had to get over it pretty quick...

Sure lots of little bitties go but they are going for the same reason us phatty patties are. To get into better shape! We don't know what that 100 lb girl with the $50/session personal trainer is dealing with as far as self image goes? Maybe she's worried that if she doesn't keep up with constant exercize, her cankles will come back..

Every woman everywhere has some selfimage issue that they would like to improve. Heck men do too!!!

What about that 200lb girl who so desperately wants to be able to jog 2miles straight without passing out?!?!? Why shouldn't she belong there any more than the 100 lb girl?

We all pay for the same thing. And we're all trying to accomplish the same goal. To be the best WE can be!

I think gyms can be encouraging. Makes me want to be in shape like that girl over there... or when I see someone heavier than I am, it really impresses me that she's there trying just like I am.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is WHO CARES?!?!!? If gyms intimidate you, stay home and eat your ice cream. We'll see who gets better results.

Mmmmmm ice cream.....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Week 5 Day 2

So for the first time in my training, I gave up. I don't know why but I just didn't have it in my today. And it was and is sooo frustrating!!!!!
I hardly ate anything today so I didn't have the fuel I needed I guess. And I didn't drink any of my sweet sweet necture (diet coke) and I'm pretty sure thats like gas to my engine. So maybe?!?!

But it's very discouraging.

Like 2 steps back or something.

So I jogged for like 3-4 minutes and had to just power walk the rest. I got about 1.3miles and decided that I'd be doing myself a favor by stopping and doing weights.
I just wish exersizing or at least enjoying it came easier for me. Why does loosing weight have to be so stinkin hard?!?!? Why do I have so little endurance?

Maybe it's time to change up my music or something.

Weigh in Tuesday

Only lost 1 lb this week. I need to do better.

Less than 2 weeks til we are sailing the seas and I had really wanted to loose another 5lb so......
My goal for today is to drink at least 124oz of water. Ugh! But I can do it. Then of course my training.

Wish me luck!!!! I will be peeing all day long!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 5 Day 1

Training for the week...
Oh for the LOVE!!!

15min jogging, 5 min walking.. lather, rince and repeat!!

I forgot to mention we got a Y membership cuz the gym in our apartment complex el-suckos!

So went to the Y, took a deep breath and hopped on the treadmill. I honestly didn't think I'd be able to pull this off today. 15minutes is a mile for me (okay like 14.20 but still) and I've only jogged a mile 2 times in my whole life. But because it's my training for the day, I made the attempt.

And my attempt turned into accomplishment!!! I did it! 15minutes jogging at 4.3, 5 minutes recovery at 3.8 and then repeated. My second round, I said I just need to make it 10minutes. If I can do that, I'll let myself slow down because I need to build up to this. But when I got to 10, I told myself 12minutes. So I finished listening to Phil Vassars "Bobby With An I" (funny song BTW) and by that time, I only had 2.5minutes left so I had to just finish. And the 5minute walk was on air I was so excited!!!

And to finish off my workout, I went and shook my groove thing at Zumba!!!

Probably wasn't the greatest thing though that dinner for me was at Menchies *a super super yummy frozen yogurt place*. Oh well... it was worth it!

My thighs are burning though....

And we begin...

I should have created this blog a month ago when I made the decision to go forth and start training for this marathon.
To back it up a little bit, my "friend" (because why would a real friend decide to torture me so???) Kristy sent me a text one day and said she had a challenge for me. (jk Kristy.. love you. For now) And for those that know me, I am not one to back down at a challenge. So she asked if I would be interested in training for a 1/2 marathon in Sept this yr. After thinking about it, I figured there were worse things I could say yes to. But also for those that know me know I am sure as hell not one to run unless I'm being chased or running to the fridge because I left my diet coke in there!!! Alas.... I said yes and even paid to do this darn thing!!!

And thus began my journey to learn how to get off my bootay and start running.
I say running but in reality, I don't think I will ever be a runner. I can jog. Thats a much less scary word to me I think.

I'm not a skinny person. I must be a sight to see when I'm shaking my groove thing on the treadmill. I have a lot to carry and so little drive so this whole process has been a rollercoaster.. my thoughts have progressed something like this-

no big deal.. whats 13.1miles anyways?
can I do this?
I can't feel my legs....
What the heck did I get myself into?
WHY ME?!?!
Kristy- CURSE YOU!!!!!!!

So 1st week..
week of April 19th- Fast walking pace (13-16min/mile) 3 days a week for 30min. CHECK

2nd week..
week of April 26th- Fast walking pace (13-16min/mile) 4days a week for 45min. CHECK

3rd week.. and so it begins
week of May 3rd- Jog for 5 min and then walk at face pace for 5min. Repeat 2X's. 3 times a week for 30min. CHECK
This one was a hard one. I remember thinking I will never make it jogging for 5 minutes!!! I've never been able to jog for longer than 2 minutes without wanting to fall down! But I set my pace at 4.2 and just went for it. And I did it... one time I even did this outside! Huge accomplishment!!!

4th week..
week of May 10th- job for 10min and then walk at fast pace for 5 min. Repeat once
The first time I attempted this, I pulled off the 10minutes and walked the 5 but when I tried to jog again, I made it about 7.5minutes. I was very dissapointed so I walked the 5minutes and then made it up by jogging the last 2.5min.
One of those daya, I didn't have time to do the full 30minutes so I pushed myself to jog a mile. The 2nd one in my whole life!!!!! That was huge!
My last day doing this training, I ended up jogging the first 8 minutes on a 4% incline without even realizing it. I thought I was going to die! After fixing the incline, the rest was a piece of cake. Well not literally a piece of cake but that sure sounds good right about now!!!

So this is where we are today. Week 5! I can't believe I finished a full 4 weeks of training going from maybe walking a mile in 18minutes to jogging one in less than 15!!! There's hope yet my friends!!!