Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm still running!!!

I am SO behind on my updates but rest assure, I am still at it! 3.5 more weeks until my 1/2 marathon! Time sure has flooooown by! I can't believe it.
But I have been working hard.
Last Saturday, Kristy Barkley and I pulled ourselves out of bed and did 12miles at 5am! And surprisingly, I felt good after! So much better then the week before doing 11.
So my total milage last week was 30miles!!! Crazy huh?
I'm still estimating a 15min mile but that's a heck of a lot better then what I did several months ago!

This morning I went out and did 6miles just for my morning workout. Tomorrow it may end up just being 3.5 but we'll see what I'm up for. I have an ugly blister that ripped open and hurts like crazy.. so I end up having to tape my feet up to keep them from rubbing. But I got some great new running shoes from New Balance (extra wide.. damn bunions) and that has made a huge difference! Sometime this week, I need to get some Swiftwick socks and I'll be marathon ready!!!

MUAH to my reader(s?)!

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