Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Week 6....

Weigh in today was extremely discouraging and I'm just gonna hope I have a poopy scale.
Maybe I just need to stop weighing in. How did I gain a pound?

So I googled it this morning and here's what I found.

Question: Why Am I Gaining Weight During Marathon Training?
I thought I would lose weight when training for a marathon, but I actually have gained weight! Why is that?

Answer: You're not alone. Some marathoners-in-training hope to lose weight during their training, but they're surprised when they actually gain a few pounds or hit a weight loss plateau. One explanation is that as you're training, you're building more muscle mass, which is denser than fat. So while that may translate to an overall weight gain, your body fat percentage has decreased and you're more toned than you were before.

and then it went on about long distance running which I obviously don't do... but ended with some good points

If you've been eating a nutritious diet and you still find that you're gaining weight, try not to focus too much on that number on the scale. It could be inaccurate since our weight does fluctuate depending on what time of the day or month we weigh ourselves. Pay attention to other measurements such how your clothes are fitting, how toned you feel, body fat percentage, or inches lost. And if you really want to lose weight, remember that healthy weight loss takes time. Even with all the running that you're doing, you should not aim to lose more than a pound a week. So, try to be patient.


Oh and I did attempt my 20minutes yesterday. I got to 16.45 :( But it's longer than I've done before. I speed walked the rest and I did get to 3 miles.
I'm going to start iron pills like I should have been all along. I googled that as well and my symptoms are that exactly of another person who was informed of their low iron too so hopefully it gets better and I can see my performance getting better.. not worse like it has been.

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