Thursday, May 20, 2010

Week 5 Day 3

Not much to say about yesterday but..

I pulled it off.

Did my 15/5. And whats scarier than that?? Next week, it's 20!!!!

Every since I joined the Y, I've heard several people talk about staying away from gyms or health clubs because how intimidating they can be.

I felt that once too.. but had to get over it pretty quick...

Sure lots of little bitties go but they are going for the same reason us phatty patties are. To get into better shape! We don't know what that 100 lb girl with the $50/session personal trainer is dealing with as far as self image goes? Maybe she's worried that if she doesn't keep up with constant exercize, her cankles will come back..

Every woman everywhere has some selfimage issue that they would like to improve. Heck men do too!!!

What about that 200lb girl who so desperately wants to be able to jog 2miles straight without passing out?!?!? Why shouldn't she belong there any more than the 100 lb girl?

We all pay for the same thing. And we're all trying to accomplish the same goal. To be the best WE can be!

I think gyms can be encouraging. Makes me want to be in shape like that girl over there... or when I see someone heavier than I am, it really impresses me that she's there trying just like I am.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is WHO CARES?!?!!? If gyms intimidate you, stay home and eat your ice cream. We'll see who gets better results.

Mmmmmm ice cream.....


  1. What a motivator you are! I have had a hard time keeping up with a workout routine. I joined a gym, started going everyday, then every other I'm lucky to get one day in! And trying to give up soda for water?! Whoever heard of such a thing! You inspire me to get back on track! I want to jog for more than 5 min! Good luck!

  2. Lol. I like this post :) I agree. Don't let what "they" say determine what WE do! But can I still eat ice cream AND work out at the gym??? Please??