Friday, September 24, 2010

Ready or not, here we come!!

Tomorrows the BIG day! The day I've been waiting and dreading and preparing for since April!
It's funny looking back on the last 6-7months. How much has changed.... weight wise not too much. About 18lbs total (13 in the last 6weeks). But the big change has been my whole attitude towards making a goal and doing whatever it takes to accomplish it. I have been known to not finish what I start. In fact, I don't finish more often then I do- if that makes sense. And I remember when I signed up for it back in May, Jon said something to the effect of.. "now you have to do it". He knows me all too well.
So tomorrow, I am finishing what I started!!! And I'm a better person because of it! My initial plan was to struggle through it which bitching and moaning and when it's over, get my medal and be done. Obviously, that's not how it's gonna happen. I'm doing a 5k race for the cure in 2 weeks, the az half in Nov and a week later, the Nashville half. How's that for finishing what I started?? But I still am bitching and moaning.

So today Kristy and I went to the expo to pick up our packets and check out the cool race vendors. SOOOOO exciting!!!! Got my number....

It's official!!!!!
At the expo, we came across these awesome running skirts. Catch phrase.. "why run when you can sparkle". And sparkle we WILL!

Imagine this style black covered in sequins. Yes I will sparkle!! Pair this up with a purple wrist band and 2 sparkly old school scrunchies and we got a party!!
Also Team PHatty has team colors... so Kristy and I are rocking some awesome fingernails just for the occasion. They will be perfect when my ogre hands come back!

Finding tops were a little difficult to find. Kristy considered running in this awesome getup-

As amazing as she looks, because it is a LEOTARD, it may be difficult to pee fast so sadly it was veto'd. Maybe next time we can attach some crotch buttons or something. And if you can't tell, that it the running skirt and a gold scrunchie in her hair.
(I figured it was better to ask forgiveness then permission so... forgive me KB for posting? Couldn't resist! Love ya!)
But tops were found and we are ready to go!!!!!! I even bought my most expensive paid of socks ever! I hope they moisturize while I run!

5:15am I'll be picking up my training partner and race starts at 7! Wish us luck!!!!

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