Friday, July 27, 2012

Been awhile...

Figured I should update this so you all (my 2.5 readers) didn't think I've given up on this whole crazy life decision.

I haven't. It's been extremely frustrating though.  On 6/28, I received word that all my info was ready to go and had been faxed to the insurance company. On 7/10, I emailed by case worker to see if she had heard anything.  Never got back to me.  Then I called my insurance company and they said they didn't have any info at all.  So once again I emailed my case worker and she said she would re-fax it again.  I waited.... on 7/18, I emailed her asking once again if she heard anything.  She emailed and said that they reassigned by case to someone else and will refax.  I answered back asking if she was talking about when she refaxed it a few days ago and she said she never did.. and just now sent it over.  WTH?!?!?!  So on 7/20 right before leaving on vacation, I asked if she ever talked to the insurance people and heard anything and on 7/24 she came back saying they still didn't have it and she had to fax it over again.  So from 6/28-7/24, who knows what has been going on but for me, absolutely nothing!  Finally driving home from Florida, I bit the bullet and called the lady. I guess that's what I should've done all along because she said she will call my insurance and find out what's going on.  I got an email shortly after saying they have my info and will put it on priority.

Here's why I'm annoyed right now.  I did everything I was supposed to.  Paid a lot of money in co-pays and went to many dr appts and was poked many times just to get this stuff done for them in a timely manner.  Why?  Because I obviously want it done!  And it takes almost a month with my constant nagging just to make sure the insurance company has my records.

Meanwhile, we went on a cruise and I probably gained another 30lbs.  I'll never be able to eat like that again.  Nor will I ever want to!  I'm SICK of food!!!!!  But it was oh so good!

Now it's time to get back on track.  I need to study my new eating plan.  Really prepare myself for this new lifestyle.  And get ready for this next chapter of my life... that is if my insurance approves. If not, well I'm still ready for a change.

I want to run!

New goal: Country Music 1/2 Marathon 2013!  I'll be there one way or another!