Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday morning bright and early

Okay I must admit... last week stunk on the workout front.
But the week as a whole was wonderful w/celebrating my 9th wedding anniversary with the love of my life and spending an awesome weekend with him and then with friends!!!

So I ran 2x's last week and that was it and boy did I feel it this morning!!!!

So up and at em dark and early at 4:45. I so tried to talk myself out of it but I knew I'd feel guilty if I did so I pushed myself. I got some new running shoes last week so I need to put them to good use!
Today was my best run yet! It was the same 5miles.. I haven't added to it yet. I started and just kept going... and going. I past my usual stopping point where I start walking and just pushed on. I know I ran over 1.5miles before I hit a hill. And my friends- hills SUCK!!!!!!
But everytime I got to the top of a hill, I started going again. The only times I even walked today was going up. Big accomplishment for Fatty today!!!!!!

Got home at 6:15 and went and snuggled with my husband (Happy Birthday Jon) until almost 9!!!! It was a perfect morning and I just have to say... LIFE IS GOOD!!!

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