Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back on the chain gang.. or something like that

Little behind but I'm back at the gym.
So lets see...

Monday is started with walking and did 2.5miles in 40minutes.

I've take a little jogging break and started focusing on speed walking.
My reasoning? I really really really don't like to run!!!! And the dissapointment I felt when I couldn't do it was hard on me emotionally. I felt I was letting myself down, Jon does, Kristy down, etc.
It got to the point that I truely dreaded it and I don't want to feel like that! So for now, I'll get walking as fast as I can. My hope is to get tired of it and start jogging. We'll see.

Tuesday I did a Zumba class (not as sexy as I remember from the gym in Woodstock), then I did a short abs class (ouch!!!) and then walked a mile.

Today (Wednesday) I did 3 miles. Took 48minutes though. Loosing my touch! I really want to get back to comfortably doing a mile in 15minutes but I'll keep trying.

My goal? I'm gonna try to add to my milage each week. I plan to walk 4miles on Friday. Next week, I'll try to end on 6... And I'll just add until I can take 3-4hrs out of my day and walk the 13.1miles just to see how long it takes me. Then slowly try to beat it.
But no way would I try that now..gotta build. It's just a goal but I'll be working on it!!

Oh and tomorrow I go to my first weight watchers mtg.
The marathon is 3 months away... I want to take off 20lbs by then. The less I have to lug, the faster I can go:)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm back!!!!

Okay I'm back
And the game is on!!

I'm slowly posting about why I've been slacking on my regular blog

Back in the gym tomorrow.

For sure!