Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Full Swing Training Mode....

I'm on a roll my friends!
Sept is coming up fast and I'm on a mission to complete a marathon.
No.. make that 2 marathons!!!!!

That's right- I decided to go to Az in Nov and do the 1/2 there with my sister and possibly a few sister in laws. All this training- I might as well take full advantage of right?

I'm still getting up with God in the morning. Not easy for this sleeping in lover but I've been doing it.
AND hold on to your hats but I've been jogging!!! Thats right! I decided to try it again. With a better attitude of course. And jogging outside makes a HUGE difference than on a treadmill.

So far this week I took a break on Sunday since I was still trying to recover from my 7miler with Kristy. Monday bright and early 3.5miles and I jogged a bit with that one. Off and on so I can't say how much but I did it... me and Sookie Stackhouse (my books).

Tuesday I did some Golds Gym boxing in the morning. That was all I was going to do but my friend Leann called (who just signed up for the marathon) and asked if I wanted to meet her at the Y and learn how to work the machines so we can get started on our cross training. So I got there and warmed up which actually ended up with me jogging a mile straight in 14.3 minutes. I haven't jogged a mile straight since before our summer vacation so that felt good. Then we spent over and hr or so learn and doing some weights. Needless to say, this morning I was sore!!!

But I still got out of bed at 5:50am and did my 3.5miles. I jogged more than I did last time which is good. I also told Leann I'd meet her at the Y today so she can do her 3miles. Can't hurt burning the extra calories.

Tomorrow is cross training for 40minutes.
Friday I rest (which means SLEEP IN!)
Saturday my early long jog/walk with Kristy... 8miles this week I think!


  1. I'm proud of you!! All the running aside... I couldnt get up with God! ;)

  2. Ugh- everything you've blogged about for the past month makes me want to puke a little. For a lifelong athlete, there is just something about running long distances like this that just makes me cower under my covers in the morning. You are one tough, brave mama!

    For now I'll just use the excuse that I'm pregnant & call it good, so I don't have to feel lazy or guilty.

    What will my excuse be in January?