Monday, May 17, 2010

And we begin...

I should have created this blog a month ago when I made the decision to go forth and start training for this marathon.
To back it up a little bit, my "friend" (because why would a real friend decide to torture me so???) Kristy sent me a text one day and said she had a challenge for me. (jk Kristy.. love you. For now) And for those that know me, I am not one to back down at a challenge. So she asked if I would be interested in training for a 1/2 marathon in Sept this yr. After thinking about it, I figured there were worse things I could say yes to. But also for those that know me know I am sure as hell not one to run unless I'm being chased or running to the fridge because I left my diet coke in there!!! Alas.... I said yes and even paid to do this darn thing!!!

And thus began my journey to learn how to get off my bootay and start running.
I say running but in reality, I don't think I will ever be a runner. I can jog. Thats a much less scary word to me I think.

I'm not a skinny person. I must be a sight to see when I'm shaking my groove thing on the treadmill. I have a lot to carry and so little drive so this whole process has been a rollercoaster.. my thoughts have progressed something like this-

no big deal.. whats 13.1miles anyways?
can I do this?
I can't feel my legs....
What the heck did I get myself into?
WHY ME?!?!
Kristy- CURSE YOU!!!!!!!

So 1st week..
week of April 19th- Fast walking pace (13-16min/mile) 3 days a week for 30min. CHECK

2nd week..
week of April 26th- Fast walking pace (13-16min/mile) 4days a week for 45min. CHECK

3rd week.. and so it begins
week of May 3rd- Jog for 5 min and then walk at face pace for 5min. Repeat 2X's. 3 times a week for 30min. CHECK
This one was a hard one. I remember thinking I will never make it jogging for 5 minutes!!! I've never been able to jog for longer than 2 minutes without wanting to fall down! But I set my pace at 4.2 and just went for it. And I did it... one time I even did this outside! Huge accomplishment!!!

4th week..
week of May 10th- job for 10min and then walk at fast pace for 5 min. Repeat once
The first time I attempted this, I pulled off the 10minutes and walked the 5 but when I tried to jog again, I made it about 7.5minutes. I was very dissapointed so I walked the 5minutes and then made it up by jogging the last 2.5min.
One of those daya, I didn't have time to do the full 30minutes so I pushed myself to jog a mile. The 2nd one in my whole life!!!!! That was huge!
My last day doing this training, I ended up jogging the first 8 minutes on a 4% incline without even realizing it. I thought I was going to die! After fixing the incline, the rest was a piece of cake. Well not literally a piece of cake but that sure sounds good right about now!!!

So this is where we are today. Week 5! I can't believe I finished a full 4 weeks of training going from maybe walking a mile in 18minutes to jogging one in less than 15!!! There's hope yet my friends!!!


  1. As the previously named torturer, Kristy, I will be keeping up with you, pushing you, sometimes dragging you and hopefully following you! I am so very proud of you! I owe you your first month reward, a Sonic gift card! I planned to do your Saturday workouts with you, but crazy things have happened. But don't worry, once the longer jogs begin, I will be with you every step of the way!
    I am proud of you and I can't say that enough!

  2. Shannon, you go girl! This reminds me so much of myself two summers ago. I took up running, but my goal was only a 5K (three miles). I started with running for one minute, walking for one minute and worked up from there. Like you, I was so proud of each accomplishment. And you should be. It's hard work! I couldn't believe that I was actually running. Like you said, I never really felt like a "runner." But I was running. I now consider myself a retired runner, because it really jacked up my neck after a while. Maybe at some point I'll take it up again. I will say, for me, there is no other form of exercise that really makes you feel like you are giving it everything you've got than running. Keep up the good work! You are doing awesome. Me on the other hand, I haven't worked out in 18 months. But that will change soon.