Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Booooy it's hot!!!!

So we didn't make our 10miles last week. Planned on it but Saturday ended up being tooo dangerously hot so we met up with Kristy and her family and the Williams crew from our ward and spent the day on the lake. Much better way to spend the day!!!!

But I'm still working my bootay off!
Got a regular routine and it's keeping me going.

Yesterday I decided to try my walk a little earlier-- so I got up at 5am instead and did my 3.5miles. It was so humid I was sweating from very pore! And ummmm...a rash under my belly button? It gets more and more exciting! I need to start uping my morning runs to 4miles by later this week so I need to plot a new course in the neighborhood.

Today I just couldn't talk myself into doing a morning jog because it wasn't on the plan and I'd rather sleep so I did an afternoon Zumba class instead. That worked for my cross training stuff.

And I've lost 3lbs this past week. Yehaw!

I had a downer week with this last week. People don't realize how hard it is to get in shape and loose weight and end up saying things without thinking. A mishap at a sports store left me in less than a motivating and good mood and I left empty handed....and a bad taste in my mouth. It's sad how thoughtless people can be. Don't you know that if fat people want to get skinny, they too need to exercize and have the proper workout gear?!?!?! Not all runners are size 6 you know!!!
But I let myself have a pity party for a day then got back up and moved on. What else can I do? Let stupid people ruin my plans? I let that happen too much in my life, I can't do it this time.

So have a good week all!!!

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