Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm still doing it!!!

Sorry guys.. I haven't stayed up to speed on this in awhile but rest assure... I am still in training.
Not the training I origionally planned on mind you. Like I said before, I had to modify a few things to fit myself for now. Like walking instead of running. But I keep pushing on. And I've gone farther than I ever have before. Last long walk was
6miles! This week is 7! Yikes!!!

My goal for this week is early walks. This morning, I got myself up at 6am and went 3 miles on my own. Not as fun as having a friend to chat with but I listened to my Sookie Stackhouse book on my ipod "Dead Until Dark" and that kept me company! And tonight I walked a mile at the gym and then swam a bit.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna try the 6am'er again. Because already having it done before the kids get up feels so gosh darn good!!!

Wish me luck!!!

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