Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To my Phatty Followers....

3 more days. 3 more flipping scary as hell days! And then IT'S ON!!!

So let me catch ya'll up a bit.

2 weeks ago, Kristy and I went on a practise 1/2... 13miles. Starting at 5am. And believe you me, it sucked! But then again I was tired, she was sore... but we managed to push through it. So I know I can go 13 miles on Saturday. I may be crawling and swearing and possibly may have peed my pants a few times but I will make it!

Last Saturday I did my first race ever. I ran in the South Nash Dash. I got there around 6am to help get everything set up and then I worked getting volunteers in place and people registered until 8am when I went ahead and ran the 3miles. Okay people- you know when I say ran, I really am just saying it to impress you all. I didn't run 3 full miles. I jogged the first 1.5miles and then walked a ways until that bend right before the finish line. Then I started running so people thought I did it the whole time. The only problem with my way of thinking there was that when you come in close to the end of the race, it's pretty obvious I wasn't rocking it all 3 miles. But whatever- I burnt 500 calories and they didn't SO THERE!

The South Nash Dash turned out awesome! Kristy did such an amazing job and I was so glad to be there to watch all the action- from getting the first sponsor to watching the last of the garbage being hauled to the edge of the street. And there definately was perks for me! I won a month long boot camp to Niki G's Fitness, Jon won a yr Costco membership and then today I found out I won a Menchies $25 giftcard! HEAVEN FOOD FOR PHATTY!!!

So anyways after that, all I've done this week is a Zumba class. I don't want to exhaust myself before Saturday. You know.. RUNNING 13 miles and all;) I am just so blessed to have Kristy put up with me and go at my pace (you know- me so speedy and all).
So Friday we'll go to the expo and get our numbers and stuff. I want to find some crazy expensive socks that will float me to the finish line. Or at least keep my toes from falling off. Either/Or would be fine with me.
I can't wait though. In all honesty, as freaked out as I am right now..and I am pretty freaked out, I just can't wait to cross that finish line and say I did it with a medal to show. And to see my family and friends there cheering me on! I expect big ol signs and a gallon of diet coke waiting for me. The joke is (and I say a joke but knowing these guys, it may just happen) that Rob and Jon will have big signs saying "Run Phatty Run" and be screaming it throughout the race. How well do you think that will go over... 5000+ women and 2 mens calling them Fattys? I hope someone records the stampede!
Wish me luck! Keep my feet and Kristys sanity in your prayers while I work to complete my first 1/2 marathon. Definately won't be the last!
And if anyone asks, I smelled like roses when I was done!

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  1. run Phatty Run! Run Phatty Run! Run Phatty Run!

    I can hear it now!

    All kidding aside, I'm proud of you girls for sticking with it! I remember my first half. It was nothing like I expected. Remember to stay calm and try not to let your nerves push you too hard. You'll settle in and do a great job! good luck!