Friday, July 23, 2010

This weeks schedule

Still working. And hey I lost 2 lbs! Go figure!

So what I've done so far...
Monday 3.5miles walking/jogging
Tuesday 45-60minutes of weight circuit training
Wednesday 3.5 miles walking/jogging
Thursday 45-60minutes of weights
Friday (which is today)- sitting on my big arse doing absolutely nothing cuz it's too stinking hot!!!
Sat Kristy and I were gonna do 10miles but it's SOOOO hot and it could be rather dangerous. so probably a Y day.

Now... here's the question. To do the Murfreesboro Marathon in October.... I'll be trained for it which is great. Costs money which isn't great but it's doable. My biggest worry is that I would have to maintain 15min miles for the whole 13.1 miles. I'm barely making that now! So we shall see. Stay tuned!

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