Monday, September 27, 2010

And Phatty done ran!!!

"I've learned that finishing a marathon isn't just an athletic achievement. It's a state of mind; a state of mind that says anything is possible."

I will echo this saying about a 1/2 marathon.
Indeed my friends.. anything is possible!

I'm going to let go of that nagging voice in my head today that says I could have done better. I could have ran more. I could have finished faster. It's time to quiet that voice.

Instead I will now tell myself.... I did my best! I ran as much as I could run! I finished faster than I have ever done before! And why?!?! Because before, I would have NEVER had done this! I achieved a goal. And I crossed that finish line leaving behind the old me that had never attemped a 1/2 marathon before.

The morning started at 4am to Rielly throwing up all over her and our bathrooms. Good Morning!!! My dear dear Jon took care of that while I went and got myself ready for one of the biggest mornings of my life. She was okay thank goodness!

I got to Kristys at around 5:15 and we left for downtown around 5:30.
So much excitement in the air for sure!!!!!

People everywhere abt to do what I was abt to do. Many have done this a million times and many doing it for their first time. We were all there to accomplish the same task!

(sooo clueless!!!)

Jodie Messina kicked off the party with singing the National Athem (LOVE HER) and away we go!!! We started off with a good jog along with the 5000+ other ladies. I was excited and nervous and just ready to get it done!

Kristy and I both had written on our arms 13 things we wanted to talk about each mile and it was the best way to keep our minds positive and moving! Thats what I needed.... to just keep my mind going.

What really helped me get through this was the support of my family and Kristys family. At around mile 3, I saw my family and Rob Barkley on the side of the park cheering for me with signs and smiles. What a beautiful sight to see!!

Only 10more miles to go!

They were also there around mile 6, 9 and 11! Even Kristys folks Glenn and Terry were there at mile 11!!

How amazingly blessed am I to have them there pretty much the whole way to cheer me on???!!!

Mile 6

Mile 9

(around mile 11)

I started hurting around mile 7-8. My feet felt like I was walking on burning hot Az pavement. I actually tried to walk without shoes on... but yeah that didn't help.

That's when I think I started slowing down and wondering if I could finish this. I really should have taped my feet. But having already done a 13miler before, I knew I could do this.
There was plenty of water and gaterade to be had and so much motivation and cheering from the sidelines.
I had to keep going!
The last mile I had to let my mind and will take control because my body was screaming at me to stop! My feet were on fire! It was hard watching people pass me up and all the while I worried that Kristy was going nuts having to go so slow.
Irrational thinking does tend to set in.
Kristy wouldn't have been there if she didn't want to do this with me!
So I just had to visualize the end.
This was also the point where I swore anyone who does this for "fun" is CRAZY!!! And I kept thinking.. why in the world would I even want to do this again?!?! I won't lie to you- it was hard! And it hurt!!!!
But it was all worth it for what happens next.
That last .1mile was so overwhelming! I had my family right and Kristys family (which have become my family) before the finish line and Susie Hawkins and her kids right after. I had the goal in sight. I was doing it!!!! I remember my chest tightening up and I had to control myself to not just bust out in tears!!!!

And when we ran through the finish line, the MC said "Here comes Kristy and Shannon in their sparkly skirts"!!

Then Kristy hugged me and I realized I have just ran my first 1/2 marathon!!!! Who cares if I had to walk a lot. Who cares that it took 3.5hrs to finish. At that moment, I was a winner!!!!!

I bought this shirt the day before and it is exactly why I started this whole journey!!!

I love this face!

And once again, I wanted to thank my best friend Kristy Barkley! She stayed with me every step of the way through this whole process. And if she didn't give me this challenge, we would have never become the friends we are today. Spending so much time together, we have become rather close. She has taught me and inspired more than she could ever know. I love her family too (even you Brobar!). I am truely blessed!

And I have to thank my husband Jon- he has believed in me more than I believe in myself. Just to know that he is proud of me makes all the pain and tears and frustration in life worth it! I love you baby!


  1. see i knew you could do it! you inspired me to sign up and do one. seeing everyone out and competing made me excited! now you'll have to cheer me on!

  2. brobar, which one did you sign up for?

    My wonderful amazing supermom wife,
    I AM so proud of you and you truly have inspired not just me but many many people with all the effort and blood sweat and tears you put into this achievement and you DID IT! WOO HOO! Shannon rox!

  3. i loved every second of it! The last 6 months have been a true blessing for my whole family!!! You are awesome!!!!

  4. Dont forget you ran a 5K today! Race For The Cure in the books!