Friday, April 20, 2012

PCP appt is scheduled

Called and got my PCP appt scheduled. That will be a week from Monday. I have a feeling I'll run into a little bit of discouragement then but that's to be expected. However I'm firm on my decision and I think that'll make it easy for me to face the adversity.
I also was able to move my sleep specialist appt for a month earlier so that's scheduled for May 23rd.
I've been looking for support groups and just stories of the realities of gastric bypass. I think it'll help me to see it from personal perspective. My dear friend K.P. had it done just before school started and let me tell you- she looks and feels amazing! She's always been a beautiful person but she just glows. I want to glow!
Good news tho- I went to see Dr Huffnagle yesterday and I'm down 11lbs from January. Okay it isn't that great but hey- it's something. Plus it's good for my insurance to see the attempts are being made.

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