Monday, April 16, 2012

Life changing decision....

Phatty is back. Phatter than ever! Literally. I fell off the bandwagon. Hell- I was thrown off and ran over. BIG TIME!
I don't run.
I don't walk.
I rarely exercize.
AND I'm the biggest I've ever been.
To be honest and real here, I weigh 228lbs. And I'm extremely unhealthy. To the point where my quality of life is slowly diminishing each year.
And today I made a big decision. So this is the start of my new journey. And this is the place I will be documenting this journey.
My journey into, through and after weight loss surgery.
Gastric Bypass to be exact.
Today I went to a consult to get an overview, met the surgeon Dr William, met the nutritionist and went over all the insurance paper work. Let me tell you- this isn't an easy process!!!
Where do I go from here?
I need to schedule an appt with my pcp (primary care physician) so get a letter of recommendation and a ton of lab work. Then records have been requested for the drs I've gone to for weight loss pills to prove I have attempted and failed.
In June, I have an appt with a specialist just to schedule a sleep study. I also have an appt with a psychologist in June as well as my 1st of 3 required meetings with a nutritionist. I also need to go to a bariatric support group. This is all BEFORE the info can even be submitted to insurance approval.
With all that said, this hasn't been a decision that is easy for me to make. It's scary. Do I want to have to go through this? No! Do I want to only be able to eat tablespoons of food at a time? NO! I understand the risks. I know it's not a miracle cure. But if I stayed the way I am right now, that cuts 8-9yrs off my life!
Phatty wants to run again!!!

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  1. Well that's a huge step that I wasn't expecting when I clicked over to your blog this morning! I'm sure that it will be hard (I had a friend go through this a couple of years ago) but if you really want it- YOU CAN DO IT! And boy, will it be worth it! Good luck, sista!

    Luv you!