Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good news.... and the why

It's been a month since I posted.  A whirlwind month while trying to get everything taken care of with pre-surgery, pre-school and summer break!  Needless to say, I survived.

I have officially been medically cleared for surgery!

I was able to get my sleep study done 2 months sooner than origionally scheduled and the results came back that I have mild sleep apnea.  Since I'm getting the surgery, no further action needs done until after.  I also had my blood work done again and my levels all went up!  Who know that taking iron pills can raise your iron levels.  LOL
And I'm guessing my psych evaluation went well cuz now everything is in the hands of the insurance people.
Also during this month of not posting, we decided to book a cruise with the kids to the Bahamas.  So hopefully I can get the surgery done right after.  I need my last meals!!!

A lot of people have asked me why I'm doing this.  Why when I'm not "that big".  Well here is a few of my whys:

Going shopping with friends and only being able to buy jewelry, purses and shoes.
Worried about not being able to fit into a booth.
Being hot and out of breath all the time.
Narrow isles in stores.
Weighing in at the dr and seeing them move the little metal thingy over another notch.
Being limited to like 3 clothing stores.
Watching people analyze everything I eat.  Especially at the ice cream store.
Airplane bathrooms.. oiy!
Trays on airplane seats.
Hearing comments like "you're not THAT big" and "you have a pretty face"
Walking by teenagers or even your peers that you don't fit in with and hopeing they aren't making comments.
Having pictures taken.
Not fitting onto rollercoaster rides
Contorting my body just to paint my toes, shave my legs or wipe my butt.
Worrying about chair creaks.
Summer clothes=arm fat
NEVER getting swept off my feet or piggy back rides
Looking in the mirror and wondering what the hell happened to me.

So here I am.  Hopeing I can solve the emotional whys while fixing the physical whys. 
I want to be healthy. 
Plain and Simple.

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